The site of Haughley Block Plant has had an interesting and significant history.


Haughley Grain Silo (1950-2008)

Eric Bedford, architect to the Ministry Of Works 1950-70 was a committed believer in modern, functional design and technical innovation.  He spent the Second World War designing grain silos and communication centres.  His preference was for the functional over glamourous, as demonstrated by the stark, yet striking design of the Haughley Grain Silo, built under his direction in 1954.

The huge silo was intended to store grain in the case of an Atlantic blockade during the Korean War. Its location was selected due to the nearby railway.

Later it was used for manufacturing animal feed, but was demolished in 2008.

Block Plant (2014-2018)

In 2014, an "egg laying" block production plant capable of producing 3 million blocks per year was opened.

Production continued until 2018, when the site was mothballed and abandoned.

Haughley Block Plant (2019-Present)

In 2019, the site was purchased by Haughley Block Plant Ltd.

Significant investment transformed the site into a state of the art bespoke block manufacturing facility. 

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